Second Experiment on Sous-Vide cooking





 – Cooking Salmon Fillet without SousVide equipment



  • Induction Cooktop        induction_cooktop_transp
  • Induction Cook Pan     induction_cook_pan_transp
  • Bi Metal Thermo Stem Thermometer Bi_Metal_Thermo_Stem_Thermometer_transparent
  • Self-seal Plastic Bag (Zigloc Bag)    self_seal_bag



Salmon fillet about half inch thick

1) Salmon fillet preparation
– Absorb surface moisture on the salmon fillet with paper towel
– Coat both sides with sea-salt and black pepper
2) Vacuum creation – using water displacement method readmore_02_tparent60_twinkles

3) Sous-Vide cooking
– Fill the induction cook pan with 2.5 litre of water
– Switch on the induction cooktop heating the water until its temperature reaching 47°C
– Turn the voltage of the induction cooktop to the lowest setting.
– Put the sealed ziploc bag in the induction cooking pan and cook the salmon fillet for 20 min
– Maintain water temperature between 47°C ~ 48 °C by switching on/off the induction cooktop

4) After Sous-Vide cooking pan-sear the salmon fillet to brown both sides. readmore_02_tparent60_twinkles



1)  Induction cook pan mounted with thermometer and with Zigloc bag in water


2)  Timer


Serving with pickled ginger slices, pickled carrot julienne and broccoli



  • Pesto                 1 tbsp click_here_green_transparent10
  • Soy Sauce        1 tsp
  • Sugar                1 tsp
  • Milk                   1 tbsp
  • (mixed all in low heat)











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