Fish and ShellFish – Poissons et crustacés

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There is nothing more delicious than wild salmon cooked perfectly rare to medium-rare. The perfect temperature for Sous Vide cooking salmon is 116F/47C to 118F/47.5C producing shiny and succulent flesh.

For safety, to eat salmon rare or medium-rare, the best bet is to buy salmon suitable for eating raw or fresh sushi-grade fish. Some gourmet may prefer salmon cooked at higher temperature for health or other reasons. The beauty of sous vide cooking is that foods can be precisely cooked in your preferred temperature.

Salmon cooking temperature vs time


40°C salmon with potato juice, Jerusalem artichoke and sea vegetables

40°C salmon with potato juice             recipe_fruits_square90


Milk-Poached Halibut Flavored with Rosemary and Kaffir Lime Leaves

milk-poached_halibut           recipe_brown80


Sous Vide Diver Scallops

sousvide_diver_scallops          recipe_blue80 


Sous Vide Salmon Steaks

sousvide_salmon_steak_01              recipe_orange


Wild Salmon Sous Vide with Lemon Wasabi Aioli 

wild_salmon_sousvide_w_lemon_wasabi              recipe_clickhere_transp80




Sous Vide Shrimps
Temperature           57 deg C
Time                        30 min



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